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What do we need and How to get it !

I’d like to think that an upgraded version of this question would be- “ What do you need in life to be happy “?

Tip number one

Asking and getting what you really want is asking. I know that seems a lot easier. However, often people make the assumption that people should just know what they want and never ask.

And a lot of people actually have set themselves up for success, they have been giving they’ve been contributing they’ve been putting in the time and effort, but they make the assumption that other people should read their mind or should be able to pick up on loose signals.

No, be straight to the point. Don’t be afraid to ask because here’s how it works that when you give and give people want to give back and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

However, when they return it back to you, it improves the relationship even more.

Tip number two,

Understand and leverage the Law of Reciprocity.

I first heard about this when I received a newspaper article that on September 25, 1985, $ 5,000 moved between Mexico and Ethiopia. Ethiopia was starving at the time, they had around thousands of people dying, This country was going through a very bad time.

Therefore, we would expect the transfer of funds. However, this did not happen that way. Mexico did not ship it to Ethiopia. Ethiopia and its dying people send money – the Ethiopian Red Cross sent it to Mexico.


Mexico had an earthquake, but it was like waiting a minute, why were you still not crazy money, but why did you send money when your people died? Here is what they said. Back in 1935 when Italy invaded Ethiopia, Mexico came to our aid. We will stand with Mexico and help them.

Even if they were in this horrible situation, the Reconciliation Act and I can’t stress enough this is one of the most powerful things you can do with people.

I have a certain relationship with that person you know, they have a direct line to me even though I have tried to set myself restrictions, there are some people who because of the Revenge Act, military members of one of them.

Understand the Law of Reciprocity is real, it is a very powerful driver, gentlemen, and you need to use it to your advantage.

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Tip number three.

Keep it concise keep it to the point. Successful people value their time.

Tip number four.

Understand the nature of your question. Are you asking for grace or are you proposing a beneficial relationship? I can tell you most people when they reach out to someone asking for something, asking for kindness.

Kindness is when you have one group asking for too much and no profit from the other. A mutually beneficial relationship I think you can start with a weak relationship and both parties are interested because we will both benefit the most from it.

Tip number five

Follow and be patient. So, you sent an email, you called that person and you didn’t answer, that person obviously doesn’t want to talk to you you’re the perfect A hole. Come on, maybe they just didn’t get the message, maybe life happened to them, maybe, you know, I had emails that never got to me. And people call me, they don’t even leave their number, I’m in another country and they expect me to follow them?

So, that’s another thing to track, they offer different ways to reach you. It is good to follow two, three, different ways of communicating.

Get the mode selected by that person. Fear not, if you really want to reach someone, go meet them in person.

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