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Pin Bhaba Pass : Gorgeous treks in Himachal Pradesh

Every year there’s one great trek to do, So this year seems to be the year of Pin Bhaba Pass.I mean there are lots of treks in Himachal Pradesh with crossovers but Pin Bhaba Pass has its own uniqueness.

What makes it so dramatic?

There are dramatic crossover treks and a beautiful ones in our country but then there are treks like Pin Bhaba where the dramatic crossover is amplified many times.

At the highest point of pass crossing, you can see the lush green valley of Kinnaur on one side of the pass and completely deserted dry cold mountains of Spiti on the other side.

Both the landscapes stands opposite to each other showcasing completely contrasting landscapes, well, that’s the beauty of Pin Bhaba Pass.

So what and where exactly are you crossing over from?

  • This trek crosses over from the Kinnaur side of Himachal to the Spiti side of Himachal but this Kinnaur is extremely beautiful.
  • The forests of the pin bhaba trek, are mostly mix of coniferous forest and these are sprawled over vast area that would take entire day to cross these forests.
  • Then there is Pin Bhaba river cutting through the forest that accompanies you till the Mulling campsite.

Through out your first day on this trek, you can hear the gushing voice of Pin Bhaba river across the trek trail.

The camps are pitched alongside the river over grassland in Mulling and the snow-clad mountains just hangs rightly above the campsite which makes the day one itself so much interesting that you start wondering what other days are going to be like.

Pin Bhaba trek is one such trek that surprises you everyday with it’s changing scenery.

Generally, on other treks in Himachal Pradesh, you form a conception or can predict what the scenery is going to be like in coming few days but Pin Bhaba Pass will stand contrasting to all your expectations and even more beautiful. For example,

I was not at all expected a floral bed near Kara Lake but as soon as we approached the campsite on day 3, A tiny patch of land was laid hidden between two mountains totally covered with Pink Flowers near the Lake!

It was indeed a welcoming gift we received on entering the Kara campsite. Most of the treks in Himachal are adorned with forest and rivers but the mountain structure is as such that we rearely get to see grasslands.

Pin Bhaba is one such trek other than Buran Pass, where you get to see vast grasslands amidst hanging valleys that make perfect campsites and resting points for trekkers and shepherds .

Pushtirang campsite is the last campsite in Kinnaur valley after which we cross over to Spiti Valley. Pushtirang is at the altitude of 12000+ feet and is quite above tree line.

The fascinating part of this campsite is the river delta.

The Pin Bhaba river originates from here and forms a river delta that makes the soil so fertile that you can see numerous wild flowers.

This was another favourite campsite from this trek.

Few Highlights you just can’t Ignore

  • Pin Bhaba is largely about beautiful campsite but it also challenges you with an arduous climb to crossover to Spiti valley.
  • The crossover required climbing three steep mountains and then sharp descend to enter the Spiti Valley.
  • The Spiti side of trek holds so much contrasting landscapes that it some time to register the change.
  • The lush green valley is totally replaced by dry cold mountains of Spiti and yet the charm is not at all lost.

The trek ends at Mud, the last village of Spiti and our first encounter with civilization after a week long trek.

Mud teaches you the life of a minimalist and bliss! It is all together a very different experience to stay in Mud, the small heighten houses of Mud and warmth of Spiti people.

Hope you found this article helpful, for more details please watch our video on Pin Bhaba trek

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