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Important lessons we learned from Corona Lockdown

We never imagined to witness a time where we would be locked inside our houses, scared to step outside for the fear of catching a contagious disease. Corona Lockdown phase looks like a scene from a scary movie but this is the reality of year 2020 which is not yet over. Perhaps we are suppose to learn some key lessons from Corona Lockdown.

The Lockdown is testing us both physically and mentally.

But on the brighter side, this compulsive lockdown gave us the time to think about where we were heading. We were working day and night at the stake of our health, we never had enough time for people who really mattered to us, we didn’t even have time for ourselves. The Corona Pandemic forced us to bring certain changes in our lifestyle that we wish to remain with us even after this phase is over. The healthier switch in our meals, catching up with old pals and family members, a thought towards the nature, we needed this.

Read ahead to know about the lessons from Corona that we learnt the hard way:

Must have strong Immunity

Tackle coronavirus  in lockdown

Until the vaccine is created, surviving Covid 19 is pretty much the game of immunity. It’s been 7 months since first case has been reported and since then entire world has started chugging in lemon water, ginger, turmeric milk and other immunity boosting drinks and meals. Everyone is pretty much sticking to home cooked food and seasonal vegetables.

Take out time for mental well being

mental well being

It is scientifically proven fact that the stress has direct impact on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. A stressful body tends to suffer from digestion problems which are a root cause to many other ailments. Stress, anxiety, depression etc made us lethargic, pessimist and sick.

A positive mindset can work wonders in recovering from ailments and reduce the chances of getting sick.

We all have been running around to complete the chores all our life, but it is equally important to spend some time, everyday on fixing our mental health as well

Maintain a strong friend circle

strong friend circle

In the fast pace of our lifestyle we tend to leave behind the people who mattered to us or to whom we matter. During the hours of need we analyze who can we contact, who can help us or who can we just talk to. This never ending lockdown has made us loner than ever and now, when we are not commuting to our work stations, we are seldom analyzing are friend circle. It is very important to have friends in your city because they will be fastest to reach out to you in case of any emergencies.

Don’t forger to take out time for your family in this Lockdown

Life lesson in lockdown

Haven’t we taken them for granted always? Knowing they’ll always be by our side no matter what we do. We can be proven wrong any unfortunate day. Cherish what you have got and make yourself available from them who are responsible for everything that you are today.

Harbor some hobbies which will stay for the rest of your life

develop hobbies

The rising competition at workplace makes quite a lot of people as workaholic. The rising pace makes us restless, working day in and out and during weekends we just tend to forget to make time for our hobbies. Lockdown put lot of people into self questioning phase where they are analyzing how to keep themselves busy. Develop new hobbies, horn some old skills but never give up on your hobbies.

Be there for others

be there for others

We all somewhere, unconsciously or consciously look for things that matter to us, that are good for us or of our interest. In the wake of such, we tend to forget people who are looking up to us or are dependent on us. As much as you feel the need to be connected and heard, there must be someone else sailing the same ship. This Corona pandemic as put us all in a same boat of rough sailing. Least we can do in such times is to give a compassionate listening to one who needs.

At last as william shakespeare said ‘This too shall pass’ let us all learn from our mistakes for better tomorrow.

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