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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

When the lockdown was first imposed in India, I didn’t speculate it to extend for over a month. With the re-impositions of lockdown, lot of things have changed outside and in our lives as well.

Where few of us are privileged to spend this time with their families, lot of us are still stuck in different states, alone in our empty flats.

Everyone is going through their own hardships. Few of us have lost our jobs, even loved ones and don’t know what the migrants, daily wagers and poor people are going through. Time ahead is still tough.

There is lot of weight-age in the sentence that, “Human is a social animal” and

One thing that this lockdown has imposed very strictly in our mind is “social distancing”

The people who are staying alone are fighting the battle of loneliness everyday, people who are staying with families might as well dealing with the fighting and family issues. Bottom line is, now that we are in the third month of lockdown, somewhere each one of us is fighting the battle of Mental Health.

Therefore, I am going to list down here very basic and very effective methods of keeping your Metal Health in check.

1. Exercise and Meditation

No matter how much weight-age we put on the importance of physical activity, it is just not enough. Daily exercise rewires our brain, increase blood circulation, secretes mood lifting hormones and hence is very essential for a better mental health. Where exercise focus on both physical and mental aspects, Meditation is a sole dedication to our mental process. Meditation rejuvenates the parts of our nervous system and strengthens the parts of our brain.

2. Have a Routine

Having a routine sounds pretty lame but it is as much important as eating, drinking and even breathing. A fixed sleep and wakeup pattern set up our biological clock and thus have serious benefits on our physical as well as mental health. Moreover sticking to a routine, gives you a goal, a purpose for everyday that fills that void in your life.

3. Pursue Hobbies

Hobbies are something that gives us those packets of happiness and energy. Hobby is something we like to do. Even if you have to force yourself when feeling low, but shake those legs and pickup the guitar, or go for walk, read book, pick up paint brushes. If your mind wonders to all the negative thoughts then convert them to positive outlook and keep yourself busy. As you groom yourself in any hobby, you will automatically feel good on those little traded steps of yours.

4. Connect With Family/ Friends

No matter how much introvert a person is, a human connect is very much required. Make it point to talk to your friends and family members. No one would mind if you drop in a greeting to an old school friend or give a call to that distant family member. If you seriously think you need some help then just reach out to anyone whom you know and express how you feel. If you think you don’t have friends or family members whom you can reach out to, then reach out to online support groups but make sure that you are talking to at least someone.

5. Positive Affirmations

Bring in positivity in everything you do. Wake-up with the positive mindset and adopt a positive outlook in daily routine. Tell yourself that you can do it and everything is going to be okay. Indulge in some light comedy shows, movies or read some light hearted books. Look out for yourself and you’ll be fine.

Mental Health has been a serious topic ever since but with this lockdown, majority of us are getting mentally affected. There is no shame in accepting if you are going through some mental turmoil. But, for your own benefit and for the happiness of your loved ones, the people who care about you, you should and you have to take care you yourself.

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