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Here are things to Look forward to after lockdown is over

India has entered into its lockdown 5.0 with relaxations getting implemented in phased manner. These past two months has brought the best and worst out of all of us. We are dealing with situation that we would have never imagined but we are sure the days will change and things will get better soon. Even though we have tried to find out substitutes of our craving at home but still there are some experiences that can’t be replicated.

Read ahead to see the five things to look forward to once lockdown get over:

Watching movie in cinema halls:

Watching first day first show on big screen of much awaited movie is really missed during this lockdown period. Though things are going to take some time to pick up the normal pace and movie halls will be the last ones to get fully functional again but we surely are looking upto the day when we would happily squeeze into those reclining chairs with popcorns in our hand and enjoying the picture on big screens.

Eating Outside:

This lockdown has pretty much made the chef out of everyone but I bet we are looking forward to relish those exotic cuisines in our favorite restaurants. Lot of us are waiting to venture out and challenge our taste buds to try out new dishes. And of course, our little rendezvous over the cup of coffee at nukads or joints or cafes like tea villa. Did I miss to mention satiating our cravings at panipuri stalls and chat counters?


Lockdown brought lot of physical and mental tensions along with it. We haven’t stepped outside our homes in past two months. We are working restlessly day and night in this work-from-home setup. We are doing all the household chores and lot of us are staying all alone. The lockdown is taking some mental toll on us and we wish to retreat to a destination where we can unwind, reunite and sing under the stars. We wish to forget all about this lockdown and escape to our dream destinations once all of this is over.

Outdoor Activities:

When was the last time you hit the gym or went for swimming? In cities we are not even allowed to step outside our flats forget about running and walking. Home workouts and yoga is good but lot of us miss the fun of working out in larger groups. We miss our dance classes or zumba workout sessions. Working out in larger group tends to motivate us and makes our workout routine interesting. If not this, we at least do wait for that run in the park where we not only detox our body but our mind as well.


Shopping is like a drug which gives you the pleasure for limited durations. Don’t we all love to get dressed and step outside to go for shopping in malls, boutiques or flea markets? No doubt we are getting all essential items delivered to our doorstep but that’s no fun. We miss rushing to malls early in morning to get the best collection or to visit home decor centres to get an idea about styling our living spaces or even to the bookstores that excites our brain on the thought of having so many books to read! And of course, who does not like getting those trending shorts or jackets or pair of foot wares in least expected price from the street shops.

The lockdown is getting eased out in phased manner but things will take time to return to normal. Shops and utilities are opening but the Corona pandemic is not yet over. We have waited for all these things for more than two months and we can definitely wait few more weeks, after all safety first. Stay home and stay safe and once everything is over for good, world we’ll be ours to enjoy but this time in due consideration to our environment.